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In-Person classes have resumed!

Our virtual model will still be used in the instance of dangerous weather.

Below are the virtual protocols for Fusion Greenwich.  In addition, to reach the staff at Fusion Greenwich while we are virtual, you may call our line (203)323-2191, which will be forwarded to MaryEllen.


Students are expected to do the following while in virtual classes:

  • Know your teacher's Zoom Link. Use the Zoom Links page to access your class at the appropriate time.

  • Be on time. Students are considered late if they are not in class at the :30 mark

  • Participate fully. Participation includes keeping the camera and microphone on during class, and completing other tasks as required by the teacher.  These can include but are not limited to, sharing your screen, using a shared Google Doc, and completing proctored assessments. Students who do not fully participate may result in the session being counted as an unexcused absence, for which mastery sessions may be needed at an additional cost.  Participation will be determined by the teacher.​

  • Access and use Buzz. Students will use Buzz for class notes, homework, assessments, and other class assignments at the discretion of the teacher.  Need help with Buzz? Reach out to Susie ( or Joe ( in the virtual Homework Cafe.

Students who are unable to meet these expectations are not suited to virtual instruction.  If this is to occur Fusion Greenwich Administration will reach out to create a new educational plan for the student.


  • Your child must be aware of their schedule for each day.  Student's schedules can be accessed by parents on the MyFusion portal.

  • Your child must have access to adequate virtual supplies, which includes a working computer with camera and microphone, accessible and acceptable internet to support virtual classes, and other supplies as needed (including headphones, note-taking software or supplies, a calculator, graph paper, etc...)

  • Your child must have access to the master zoom links document so that they can access their classes independently

  • Parents are responsible for ensuring their student is on time to all virtual classes and Homework Cafes.  Classes where the student is 20+ minutes late to class will count as an absence.

  • Parents are responsible for providing a number where they can be reached at all times during scheduled school hours to connect with the school regarding attendance or class participation.


Mandatory Attendance for 2020-2021

In Spring 2020, virtual Homework Cafes were not well attended by most students.  Due to the unexpected and unique circumstance of a pandemic, we allowed students a lot of leniency with Homework Cafe attendance in an attempt to help ease the transition we all had to make into the unique time.  This grace period for virtual Homework Cafe is over, and this leniency will not be given during the 2020-2021 school year.

Virtual Homework Cafe is required for every virtual student during every scheduled virtual Homework Cafe.  The accreditation of the Fusion Greenwich program depends on students attending Homework Cafes, and thus students who do not attend Homework Cafes regularly threaten the accreditation of our program.

Students are expected to attend every Homework Cafe on their schedule, just like they would if they were in person.  Attendance will be taken.  Students who miss 3+ Homework Cafes in a 2-week period will receive an email warning by the Fusion Greenwich Administration.  If the student misses another 3+ Homework Cafes in the 2-weeks from the date the warning was issued, parents will be required to contract for daily 1:1 Homework Cafes so that homework process can be monitored and the requirements for our accreditation can be met.  The cost for this will be $3120 for 30 1:1 Homework Cafe sessions.  A review of how to proceed will be conducted with the family at the end of the 30-day period of 1:1 Homework Cafes.

Students who are unable to abide by any of the above procedures regarding virtual Homework Cafe, including attending virtually or attending with 1:1 homework sessions, will be required to temporarily pause classes and resume when they are prepared to attend.

If for any reason the schedule of Homework Cafes do not work for your student, please reach out so that an arrangement and new schedule can be made.  Students will not be excused from Homework Cafes for the 2020-2021 school year, and no exceptions will be made.

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